Please call Shamus on 07387274620 to book.

The three packages are on our homepage. We are currently working on an open-by-appointment basis.

Hopefully by now we’ve convinced you to try a game! We promise you won’t be disappointed. Armed with nothing but your wits and some foam arrows, shoot a flurry of projectiles at your work colleagues, best mates for life and even family members in this action-packed amazing sport! Whether you’re proficient with a bow or a complete beginner who just wants to try something fun with your friends, why not see what all the commotion is about?

Spaces are highly limited; for any queries do not hesitate to contact us.

June 2022
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Yes; bookings are simple through our online calendar and take a small deposit. We are open by reservation only and recommend booking in advance to ensure availability for you and your group.

If at all unsure about anything please email us on or call Shamus for a friendly chat.

We run outdoor and indoor sessions in and around Birmingham.

Loved by adults and children alike! Players must be 10 years of age to play. You must be in good physical condition to engage in this sport. If you are pregnant we can not allow play. All participants must read and sign our online Waiver and Release Form as a condition to play. Parents of players under 16 must sign the waiver online to allow them to play. Sign the waiver here.

Each booking equates to 1 hour+ including archery training. There will be a variety of game modes, starting from the simplest of target shooting, through to new games we have created such as Protection in which you have to protect one of your team-mates. As time goes on the game modes become more and more exciting and at the end a champion will be crowned! Please arrive 10 minutes earlier than your booked time for training and check-in.

We use heavily foam tipped arrows, which makes the arrow impact feel similar or less than a dodgeball. We use bows that are just powerful enough for indoor use but not powerful enough to particularly hurt. Players wear high-quality masks and arm guards for protection and we require them to be worn at all times.

We offer group sessions, but also new monthly drop-ins if you want to come alone! (Bookings > Book Now)


Trickshot Group Tag Archery is great for team building, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and corporate events. If you run an organisation that would like us to come to you, we can facilitate that.

We also run female-only sessions with female staff.

If at all unsure about anything please email us on or call 07724581675 for a friendly chat.

No experience necessary!

It's actually very rare for us to have people with archery experience! Our staff fully trains everyone prior to combat! Trickshot Archery is for people of all experience levels. Your game ticket includes a short training session that will have you playing like a pro in no time!

The first time I went, I ended up going in jeans and a fleece (spoiler: not a good idea). You probably will perspire, so try to come in some comfortable work-out clothes and your favourite trainers. If you wear glasses, not to worry—we offer a variety of helmets to fit (or come in contact lenses).

Currently we only take a £50 deposit for the entire group via our website’s online booking system. The remainder must be paid on-site either via cash or card.  Like sporting events, escape rooms, and other attractions, we do not typically allow last-minute cancellations, however in the case of an emergency, we can reschedule your time slot. Hope you enjoy your game, and make sure you are not late!

Purely due to the quantity of bookings we have, we cannot always guarantee more time after the scheduled end-time of your session. Please arrive 10 mins earlier than your scheduled start time in order to check-in.